SBI whatsApp banking Active Process : How to Active sbi whatsapp banking

 SBI WhatsApp banking: Sbi has launched a new feature in     WhatsApp that is called SBI WhatsApp banking.

What is SBI WhatsApp banking: Sbi WhatsApp banking is an online feature of SBI, you can check your SBI bank balance, mini statement, and deregister on WhatsApp. 

How to active SBI WhatsApp banking :

  First you have to save 7208933148 sbi Whatsapp banking number on the smartphone.
and Send an SMS on your registered mobile number like this .
Ex: WAREG  1234567890987
sbi whatsapp banking

Send an SMS like this .then you will get a confirmation message on message on that message they will provide sbi WhatsApp banking number. on that number, you can check your sbi bank balance.
Send hi on this WhatsApp number: Whatsapp banking
Done now enjoy.

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