Part time job on Pay trac

 Pay track :

Monthly target: 250

Daily target :10

Salary: 7000

Working day :25

Now only 5 transaction need before installation wallet for UP POS

If they have bank transaction 5 unique DB for transaction also countable.

Making shop visit, contact: 9777962396/7008120593

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post Part time job on Pay trac

Pay track

A free tracker app for your business

Track all incoming digital payment

Gate instant audio notification

Easy and daily cash transaction

Track daily  bank transaction

Multi language support

Last 18 days business report

Track delete digital payments:

Automatically track all your incoming payments like upi, q r us,wallet across all mode on a single platform.

Get instant audio notification:

gate real-time audio notification for every payment you receive from any QR such as phonepe paytm Google pay at your shop.

Add cash transaction easily:

manually add cash received through customer on a daily basis keep track of cash out delivered to vendor without missing out on any settlement.

Track daily bank transaction:

View all credit debit Bank payment history in your bank account edit any transaction that is not related to your business.

Smart business report:check business report like total daily collection advice cell comparison credit debit bank transaction and last 28 days performance of your business.

Multi lingual support:

petrak support 9 plus language for all markets English Hindi Marathi kannada Tamil Telugu Bengali Gujarati Punjabi.

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