labour card money status odisha : labour card apply odisha

 Hello friends, today I will tell you guys. If you people have not got the money for Orissa’s Labor Card yet then how can you guys get it? What will have to be done and how will you get the labor card money in your bank account. I will tell you that in detail, so you guys stay big till the end of the article.

You must know that even during covid 19 times, the Orissa government had sent the labor card of Orissa to the beneficiary of fifteen hundred rupees in the name of corona assistance.

labour card money status odisha

So till now, there are those who are labor card beneficiaries. Those people who have not yet received the labor card money in their statement account, then what will you get by doing. How can you get it and how can you know, that I am telling you guys here.
Orissa government sent fifteen ₹ 100 to the labor card beneficiary in the name of hit assistance during the time of Kovid-19.
So many labor card beneficiaries of Orissa have got fifteen hundred rupees. But if the labor card beneficiary has something wrong with his labor card, then say that he has not received it yet.
How can you check that you have received the Orissa Labor Card money?
If you people want to know whether you people have got labor card money or not then click here and you guys check whether you have got money or not?
how to get Orissa labor card money?
  • After that, you will see two options there.
  • If you have not received the Orissa Labor Card money yet, then you will have to first visit the Odisha Labor Card official website.
  • After that click on Labor Card Verify.
  • Labor Card Status & Labor Card Verify.
  • After that, a box will appear for you to enter the number there. Enter the lover’s card number there. After that enter the link mobile number with labor card and click on submit.
  • After some time you will get an OTP on your smartphone. Enter OTP and click on continue.
  • After that, you people were shown the details of your people’s labor card there.
So you guys read it well. Where is wrong then if it is wrong then an option will appear there. Click the pencil there and edit it. But keep in mind that whatever you guys will do against the details here or whatever you will do, you can do the correction only once, then you guys read it well and peel it off after doing it against you. So the documents which will have to be uploaded such as your Aadhar card and your bank passbook on the front side, what to do. You people capture the front side and website of your Aadhar card with the application of a document and set it in yogi pdf format or jpg format and scan the front side of your passbook and check it in jpg format and upload it. after. Click on the save option.
Now it’s done after some days you will get your labor card money in your bank account

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