How to Download Job Card : Job Card Download Odisha 2021

Job Card : In job Card  People of india do jobs . it is like a id card .

How to download Job Card :
hello friends today I am going to telling you how do you can download job card on your smartphone or how to you can check details about your job card. Now it is many people want to check their works details of job card because they don’t get there daily wages payment so they think someone is cheating with them.
If you don’t have your physical job card then you can download it on official website of MANREGA. It is easy to download you have to follow some step then you can download .
After that you can print out your job card in you can keep at your home and whenever it will be needed you can use it.
In your job card all details are our dear about your work and wedges details.
Follow this step and download your job card:
Click on below link and 
  1. select your district.
  2. Select your block
  3. Select your panchayat
  4. Find your name.
  5. Download your job card

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