How to create signal app account : Download Signal app

Signal app:

It is a social media app.

What is Signal app :

Signal app is a social media app . In this app you can chat with people’s easily like WhatsApp. This app never share you data with anyone. You know now a days WhatsApp is sharing with Facebook. Because Facebook is parents app of watsapp. So you should use signal app.

How to create account in signal app:

If you want to create account on signal app you have to download signal app from Play Store or Here.
After download open signal app.then there are some stapes. I have given below follow and create account.
  1. Open signal app
  2. Enter your mobile number and click on continue .
  3. You will get an OTP on your mobile number  put that on box.
  4. Set your password
  5. Write your name and add your profile picture.
  6. Now your account is created.thats it.

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