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Mera Ration:

Mera Ration is a scheme of the Indian government for ration cardholders of India. ration cardholder can registration in Ration card on “Mera Ration”.Mera Ration is a ration App. Where ration card holder apply for one nation one ration card, know intelligent, know nearby Shop, ONORS States, My translations, eligibility criteria, Aadhar seeding, suggestion feedback, login,
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Aim of Mera Ration: 
Scheme to enable migration to access PDS benefit in your in India.
About This App:
One Nation One Ration Card plan ensures distribution of subsidized foodgrains to ration card holders under NFSA to lift the entitled foodgrains from any Fair Price Shop (FPS) anywhere in the country by using their same/existing NFSA ration card after biometric/Aadhaar authentication on an electronic Point of Sale (ePoS) device. Under this scheme, beneficiaries will continue to get Rice, Wheat, and Coarse grains at the rate of Rs. 3, Rs. 2, and Rs. 1 per Kg respectively in other States as well.
How to register for one nation one ration card:
•Open Mera ration card and click on ONORC registration, then feel your ration card number or Aadhar number and click on submit. Here you can register for a one nation one ration card. If the ration cardholder is staying outside of their own state he or she can apply for one nation one ration card.
Know your entitlement: you can check in entertainment in mera ration. Entertainment detail for current month quantity in kgs.    
Nearby ration shop :
You can check your near ration shop through Mera ration.
ONORC States:
In India, all states are selected for one nation one ration card but some states are not selected yet. These states are Delhi, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, and Assam.
You have to click on the state icon and you can know about it.
Green marks are selected and red marks are not selected.
My Transaction :
You can check your all ration card transaction in my transaction. The last 6-month Ration card details are there.
Eligibility criteria: 
Ineligibility criteria you can check which facilities are available for you on your ration card.
Aadhar seeding : 
In Aadhar Aadhar seeding you can check your Aadhaar card is a link with the ration card or not.
Suggestion feedback :
You can give suggestions her feedback.
in suggestion feedback, official login is required to give feedback so it is for office work.
FPS feedback:
BPL Ration cardholder then you can give feedback here.
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