After ‘Kalia’ came the ‘Balram’ scheme. New effort for agricultural loan scheme to landless farmers, target of Rs 1,40 crore loan, will benefit 600,000 farmers

After ‘Kalia’, the ‘Balram’ scheme.  The scheme will provide agricultural loans to about 600,000 landless farmers in the state.  The target is to provide loans worth about Rs 1,40 crore.  The Chief Secretary has instructed to provide loans through the Giant Liability Group.  The meeting, chaired by Chief Secretary Asit Tripathi, came up with an innovative plan to provide agricultural loans to landless farmers.

At the state level, the image will be coordinated and at the district level, the soul organization will coordinate the program.  There are about 4,000 branches of various banks and primary agricultural cooperatives in rural and small urban areas.  Each bank branch has been asked to lend to at least 10 joint liability groups this year.  As a result, about 40,000 groups will be able to get agricultural loans this year.
Most importantly, there will be five farmers in one group.  With a target of 3.5 million farmers a year, the target is to provide agricultural loans to about 600,000 landless farmers in two years.  Each group can get a loan of up to Rs 180,000.  It was decided at the meeting that farmers’ associations and village agricultural workers would form groups and encourage them through district-level soul organizations.

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